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Presentation Instructions

The organizer reserves the right to exclude the paper from distribution after the conference (e.g. removal from IET Digital Library) if the presenting author is absent.

Oral Presentation

  1. The official language is English.
  2. Each oral presentation is allocated a 15-minute time slot including Q&A. It is strongly recommended that presenters plan on a 12-minute presentation and leave 3 minutes for Q&A.
  3. All the presenters are required to use the computers/laptops provided by the organizer for presentation. If using a PowerPoint presentation, please save the file in USB and upload it to the conference computer/laptop in the meeting room. Our staff will assist you to save your file. We highly recommend you to bring a copy of your file as a backup.
  4. Please use standard font and the Windows Operating System only.
  5. Screen resolution of the PC in the session room is set to XGA (1024x768). Please set your presentation file at the same resolution.
  6. If your presentation contains linked audio or movie files, please save the files in the same folder.
  7. Please arrive in the session room no less than 15 minutes before the beginning of your session.

Poster Presentation

  1. The poster board in portrait format is reserved for each poster.
  2. Authors need to print out their posters in standard A0 size (841mm x 1189 mm) in advance.
  3. The presenting author is expected to present the work in front of the poster during the poster session

Assembling Date/Time
Poster A: 08:30-15:50, Oct. 21
Poster B: 08:30-09:00, Oct. 22
Poster C: 09:00-09:30, Oct. 23

Presenting Date/Time
Poster A: 15:50-16:50, Oct. 21
Poster B: 09:00-10:30, Oct. 22
Poster C: 09:30-10:30, Oct. 23

Removal Date/Time
Poster A: 16:50-18:30, Oct. 21
Poster B: 10:30-12:00, Oct. 22
Poster C: 10:30-11:00, Oct. 23